Nike SoHo

Champion helped Nike open its new SOHO New York store to the public.


Straight Trucks




Trucks Per Day

New York City, known as a haven for footwear enthusiasts, underwent a remarkable transformation with the unveiling of this new store in SOHO. Champion Logistics had the privilege of collaborating with Nike on this monumental endeavor.

The project commenced by transporting 15 truckloads to Champion stations in the New York and New Jersey region for temporary storage. Given the constraints of narrow streets and limited parking in the SOHO area, Champion transferred the cargo into 47 straight trucks for final mile delivery. 

Champion strategically scheduled the deliveries to allow ample time for Nike personnel to arrange and install various items, including new store fixtures, tables, wall units, graphics, and mannequins.

Nike requested white-glove service with each delivery. Champion provided driver assistance, inside delivery, liftgates, pallet jacks, debris removal, and fixture placement.


  • 15 truckloads shipped into two Champion facilities (NJ&NY)
  • 47 Straight trucks delivered to Nike Soho store
  • 4-6 staggered straight trucks per day
  • White Glove service with each delivery
  • Drivers assist, inside, liftgate, debris removal, fixture placement
  • All deliveries were time specific and staggered every 3hours
  • All deliveries were street unload with front door delivery
  • All product was unpacked inside straight truck
  • Onsite Coordination with each Install team
  • After hour communication provided to Nike teams
  • Champion facilities acted as storage hub
  • Champion Special Projects Team acknowledged for success

Champion continues to be a valued partner for Nike and is proud of the new store launches and grand openings we’ve assisted with over the years.

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First, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to share with you how much I have enjoyed and appreciated our partnership. You are amazing at what you do, and I have so much respect for you and Champion. I will always be your greatest fan! I have been so lucky to partner with Champion for the last 6 years. I have found myself in many situations that were tricky, but I knew that Champion would be dependable and responsive. From the upper management down to the drivers, I have received the best care. I truly believe I am treated like family. Champion will always be my only choice for any of my logistical needs.
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